Dali 3D User Interface Engine

Copy and Paste (Selection)

Text can be selected by a long press or double tapping it. Depending on certain conditions a popup could be shown giving options including [CUT][COPY][PASTE], [SELECT ALL] or [CLIPBOARD]. Below these conditions will be explained.

[CUT] or [COPY] send the selected text to the clipboard ready to be pasted directly or via the clipboard UI. Pressing [PASTE] will paste the top item from the clipboard (what has just been copied, possibly from another application). If the system supports a clipboard UI this can be displayed by pressing the [CLIPBOARD] button.

Empty text means the user has not inputted any text, a text-control containing special characters or purely whitespace is not empty.

Below shows how the popup will look depending on the state of the text-control.

Condition: Long press/double tap when empty text but clipboard has content Condition: Long press/double tap when text-control contains text
[PASTE][CLIPBOARD] buttons shown[CUT][COPY], [SELECT ALL] unless all text selected and [PASTE][CLIPBOARD] if content to paste.
Condition: Long press/double tap popup when text-control contains just whitespace Condition: Empty text & clipboard empty
Whitespace treated as regular text, [CUT][COPY] shown and [PASTE][CLIPBOARD] if content to paste. As all text is selected there is no need for [SELECT ALL] No popup shown after longpress/double tap
Condition: Longpress/(double tap) on whitespace which is following text Condition: Tapping text or panning grab handle
[PASTE][CLIPBOARD] shown if something to paste. [SELECT ALL] as more text to select If content in clipboard [PASTE][CLIPBOARD] popup will be shown.


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