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Dali::Internal::BlendingOptions Struct Reference

#include <blending-options.h>

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Public Member Functions

 BlendingOptions ()
 Create some default blending options. More...
 ~BlendingOptions ()
 Non-virtual destructor. More...
void SetBitmask (unsigned int bitmask)
 Set the blending options. More...
unsigned int GetBitmask () const
 Retrieve the blending options as a bitmask. More...
void SetBlendFunc (BlendingFactor::Type srcFactorRgb, BlendingFactor::Type destFactorRgb, BlendingFactor::Type srcFactorAlpha, BlendingFactor::Type destFactorAlpha)
BlendingFactor::Type GetBlendSrcFactorRgb () const
BlendingFactor::Type GetBlendDestFactorRgb () const
BlendingFactor::Type GetBlendSrcFactorAlpha () const
BlendingFactor::Type GetBlendDestFactorAlpha () const
void SetBlendEquation (BlendingEquation::Type equationRgb, BlendingEquation::Type equationAlpha)
BlendingEquation::Type GetBlendEquationRgb () const
BlendingEquation::Type GetBlendEquationAlpha () const
void SetBlendColor (const Vector4 &color)
 Set the blend color. More...
const Vector4GetBlendColor () const
 Query the blend color. More...

Private Member Functions

 BlendingOptions (const BlendingOptions &typePath)
BlendingOptionsoperator= (const BlendingOptions &rhs)

Private Attributes

unsigned int mBitmask
 A bitmask of blending options. More...
 A heap-allocated color (owned) More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 32 of file blending-options.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Dali::Internal::BlendingOptions::BlendingOptions ( )
Dali::Internal::BlendingOptions::~BlendingOptions ( )

Non-virtual destructor.

Definition at line 216 of file blending-options.cpp.

References mBlendColor.

Dali::Internal::BlendingOptions::BlendingOptions ( const BlendingOptions typePath)

Member Function Documentation

unsigned int Dali::Internal::BlendingOptions::GetBitmask ( ) const

Retrieve the blending options as a bitmask.

A bitmask of blending options.

Definition at line 226 of file blending-options.cpp.

References mBitmask.

Referenced by Dali::Internal::Renderer::SetBlendEquation(), Dali::Internal::Renderer::SetBlendFunc(), and Dali::Internal::Renderer::SetDefaultProperty().

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const Vector4 * Dali::Internal::BlendingOptions::GetBlendColor ( ) const

Query the blend color.

The blend color, or NULL if no blend color was set.

Definition at line 304 of file blending-options.cpp.

References mBlendColor.

Referenced by Dali::Internal::Render::Renderer::SetBlending().

Here is the caller graph for this function:

BlendingFactor::Type Dali::Internal::BlendingOptions::GetBlendDestFactorAlpha ( ) const
BlendingFactor::Type Dali::Internal::BlendingOptions::GetBlendDestFactorRgb ( ) const
BlendingEquation::Type Dali::Internal::BlendingOptions::GetBlendEquationAlpha ( ) const
BlendingEquation::Type Dali::Internal::BlendingOptions::GetBlendEquationRgb ( ) const
BlendingFactor::Type Dali::Internal::BlendingOptions::GetBlendSrcFactorAlpha ( ) const
BlendingFactor::Type Dali::Internal::BlendingOptions::GetBlendSrcFactorRgb ( ) const
BlendingOptions& Dali::Internal::BlendingOptions::operator= ( const BlendingOptions rhs)
void Dali::Internal::BlendingOptions::SetBitmask ( unsigned int  bitmask)

Set the blending options.

[in]Abitmask of blending options.

Definition at line 221 of file blending-options.cpp.

References mBitmask.

Referenced by Dali::Internal::Render::Renderer::Renderer(), and Dali::Internal::Render::Renderer::SetBlendingBitMask().

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void Dali::Internal::BlendingOptions::SetBlendColor ( const Vector4 color)

Set the blend color.

[in]colorThe blend color.
True if the blend color changed, otherwise it was already the same color.

Definition at line 280 of file blending-options.cpp.

References mBlendColor, and Dali::Vector4::ZERO.

Referenced by Dali::Internal::Render::Renderer::Renderer(), and Dali::Internal::Render::Renderer::SetBlendColor().

Here is the caller graph for this function:

void Dali::Internal::BlendingOptions::SetBlendEquation ( BlendingEquation::Type  equationRgb,
BlendingEquation::Type  equationAlpha 
void Dali::Internal::BlendingOptions::SetBlendFunc ( BlendingFactor::Type  srcFactorRgb,
BlendingFactor::Type  destFactorRgb,
BlendingFactor::Type  srcFactorAlpha,
BlendingFactor::Type  destFactorAlpha 

Member Data Documentation

unsigned int Dali::Internal::BlendingOptions::mBitmask
Vector4* Dali::Internal::BlendingOptions::mBlendColor

A heap-allocated color (owned)

Definition at line 122 of file blending-options.h.

Referenced by GetBlendColor(), SetBlendColor(), and ~BlendingOptions().

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