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Dali::Integration::Bitmap::CompressedProfile Class Referenceabstract

#include <bitmap.h>

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virtual PixelBufferReserveBufferOfSize (Pixel::Format pixelFormat, const unsigned width, const unsigned height, const size_t numBytes)=0
 (Re-)Allocate pixel buffer for the Bitmap. More...

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Definition at line 276 of file bitmap.h.

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virtual PixelBuffer* Dali::Integration::Bitmap::CompressedProfile::ReserveBufferOfSize ( Pixel::Format  pixelFormat,
const unsigned  width,
const unsigned  height,
const size_t  numBytes 
pure virtual

(Re-)Allocate pixel buffer for the Bitmap.

Any previously allocated pixel buffer is deleted. Dali has ownership of the buffer, and contents are opaque and immutable. Bitmap stores given size information about the image which the client is assumed to have retrieved from out-of-band image metadata.

[in]pixelFormatpixel format
[in]widthImage width in pixels
[in]heightImage height in pixels
[in]bufferSizeBuffer size in bytes
pixel buffer pointer

Referenced by Dali::TizenPlatform::LoadBitmapFromAstc(), and Dali::TizenPlatform::LoadBitmapFromKtx().

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