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Stagehand Visual Debugger for DALi



Stagehand is an open source tool that allows a developer to:

Full source code is available from http://github.com/gamoeba/stagehand.git

Stagehand is released under the Apache 2 licence.

Installing StageHand on Ubuntu


Install both files on the website. Start with the QT dependencies first.

How it works

Stagehand connects to DALi via the network using a TCP/IP connection.


Network setup

To enable network control on DALi, an environment variable must be set:

$ export DALI_NETWORK_CONTROL=1 to enable

Or run the application with the variable set.

$ DALI_NETWORK_CONTROL=1 /usr/apps/com.samsung.dali-demo/bin/dali-demo

Check what network port the application is using. It will be from port 3031 onwards.

If running DALi on desktop, just type netstat -tlnp. On Tizen log into the device and run netstat. E.g.

$ su
$ netstat -tlpn

Connecting with Stagehand

Click the settings icons below


Connecting to DALi running on Tizen

Here we are connecting to a device running SDB


Connect to DALi running on Desktop ( Ubuntu )


Using Stagehand

Click Refresh to load the current scene from the device.


Click screen shot to get overlay current screen


To cycle through the actor hierachy, keep clicking the same spot. Alternatively, select using the actor tree.


Click the save icon to save the scene


Zooming in and out


Modifying the scene


Performance monitoring

To enable performance option. Edit


Set perfmode=on

Restart application. Click performance


Trouble shooting

You can manually check the network is enabled on the DALi application using netcat.

In the example below we are connecting to a Tizen device using SDB port forwarding.

After running nc localhost 3031 we type help


Tizen smack

If you can't connect to a DALi application, but using netstat you can see a port is open.

Check the smack log for errors:

tail -f -n 10 /var/log/audit/audit.log | grep 'internet'

If it is being blocked, you temporarily enable it by editing:

/etc/smack/accesses2.d/ your-app-name
then add: system::user_internet …..app-name rw

Tizen Emulator connection problem

Make sure DALi application is run using launch_app:

launch_app [APP_ID] __AUL_SDK__ DEBUG __DLP_DEBUG_ARG__ :10003
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