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utc-Dali-JsonParser.cpp File Reference
#include <iostream>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <dali-toolkit-test-suite-utils.h>
#include <dali-toolkit/dali-toolkit.h>
#include <dali-toolkit/devel-api/builder/json-parser.h>
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namespace  anonymous_namespace{utc-Dali-JsonParser.cpp}


void utc_json_parser_startup (void)
void utc_json_parser_cleanup (void)
std::string anonymous_namespace{utc-Dali-JsonParser.cpp}::ReplaceQuotes (const std::string &in_s)
void anonymous_namespace{utc-Dali-JsonParser.cpp}::CompareTrees (const TreeNode &a, const TreeNode &b)
int UtcDaliJsonParserMethod01 (void)
int UtcDaliJsonParserMethod02 (void)
int UtcDaliJsonParserMethod03 (void)
int UtcDaliJsonParserMethod04 (void)
int UtcDaliJsonParserMethod05 (void)
int UtcDaliJsonParserMethod06 (void)
int UtcDaliJsonParserMethod07 (void)
int UtcDaliJsonParserMethod08 (void)
int UtcDaliJsonParserMethod09 (void)
int UtcDaliJsonParserMethod10 (void)
int UtcDaliJsonParserMethod11 (void)
int UtcDaliJsonParserMerge1 (void)


static const int anonymous_namespace{utc-Dali-JsonParser.cpp}::NUMBER_OK_TESTS = 36
const char * anonymous_namespace{utc-Dali-JsonParser.cpp}::TEST_OK [NUMBER_OK_TESTS]
static const int anonymous_namespace{utc-Dali-JsonParser.cpp}::NUMBER_FAIL_TESTS = 34
const char * anonymous_namespace{utc-Dali-JsonParser.cpp}::TEST_FAIL []

Function Documentation

void utc_json_parser_cleanup ( void  )

Definition at line 32 of file utc-Dali-JsonParser.cpp.

References test_return_value, and TET_PASS.

void utc_json_parser_startup ( void  )

Definition at line 27 of file utc-Dali-JsonParser.cpp.

References test_return_value, and TET_UNDEF.

int UtcDaliJsonParserMerge1 ( void  )
int UtcDaliJsonParserMethod01 ( void  )
int UtcDaliJsonParserMethod02 ( void  )
int UtcDaliJsonParserMethod03 ( void  )
int UtcDaliJsonParserMethod04 ( void  )
int UtcDaliJsonParserMethod05 ( void  )
int UtcDaliJsonParserMethod06 ( void  )
int UtcDaliJsonParserMethod07 ( void  )
int UtcDaliJsonParserMethod08 ( void  )
int UtcDaliJsonParserMethod09 ( void  )
int UtcDaliJsonParserMethod10 ( void  )
int UtcDaliJsonParserMethod11 ( void  )
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