Dali 3D User Interface Engine
Shader Effects


The shader effects allow the developer to apply visual deformations on Image Views. They can affect the geometry, the colors and textures of the Image View.

Custom Shader Effects

The custom shader lets the developers create their own shader effects by specifying the vertex and pixel shaders.

To set a custom shader to ImageRenderer you have to pass it through as a Property::Map

//an example vertex shader
attribute mediump vec2 aPosition;\n
varying mediump vec2 vTexCoord;\n
uniform mediump mat4 uMvpMatrix;\n
uniform mediump vec3 uSize;\n
void main()\n
mediump vec4 vertexPosition = vec4(aPosition, 0.0, 1.0);\n
vertexPosition.xyz *= uSize;\n
vertexPosition = uMvpMatrix * vertexPosition;\n
vTexCoord = aPosition + vec2(0.5);\n
gl_Position = vertexPosition;\n
//an example fragment shader
varying mediump vec2 vTexCoord;\n
uniform sampler2D sTexture;\n
uniform lowp vec4 uColor;\n
void main()\n
gl_FragColor = texture2D( sTexture, vTexCoord ) * uColor;\n
Property::Map customShader;
customShader.Insert(“vertex-shader”, VERTEX_SHADER); //if this is not set then the default ImageView vertex shader will be used
customShader.Insert(“fragment-shader”, FRAGMENT_SHADER); //if this is not set then the default ImageView fragment shader will be used
Property::Map map;
map.Insert(“shader”, customShader);
ImageView imageView = ImageView::New("image-url.png")
imageView.SetProperty(ImageView::Property::IMAGE, map);

Optionally, you can subdivide the grid horizontally or vertically before you add it to the map but you should not do this if a quad is used.

customShader.Insert(“subdivide-grid-x”, X_SUB_DIVISIONS); //optional number of times to subdivide the grid horizontally, don’t add if you just want to use a quad
customShader.Insert(“subdivide-grid-y”, Y_SUB_DIVISIONS); //optional number of times to subdivide the grid vertically, don’t add if you just want to use a quad
//shader hints can be an array or a string
optional array of shader hints
Property::Array shaderHints;
customShader.Insert(“hints”, shaderHints);
//or optional single shader hint as a string
//customShader.Insert(“hints”, “output-is-transparent”);

The value of a uniform can be set on the imageView

// if the uniform was declared like this in the shader: uniform float myUniform;
imageView.RegisterProperty( "myUniform", 0.5f );
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