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resource-collector.h File Reference
#include <dali/dali.h>
#include <dali/integration-api/resource-cache.h>
#include <map>
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class  Dali::Internal::Platform::ResourceCollector
 Used for platform testing to record the result of resource requests initiated by tests. More...


namespace  Dali
 The top level DALi namespace.
namespace  Dali::Integration
namespace  Dali::Internal
namespace  Dali::Internal::Platform


typedef std::map
< Integration::ResourceId,
bool > 
 Stores true for success and false for a failure for each completed resource id. More...
typedef std::map
< Integration::ResourceId,
unsigned > 
 Stores an integer counter for a resource ID, e.g., to count the number of times a load or a fail is reported. More...
typedef std::vector
< Integration::ResourceId > 
 Used to track the order in which a sequence of requests is completed. More...


void Dali::Internal::Platform::PollForNotification (ResourceCollector &collector, Integration::PlatformAbstraction &abstraction, const unsigned maxPolls=100)
 Helper to poll the abstraction for notifications assuming loads have been issued to it previously and are in-flight. More...
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