Dali 3D User Interface Engine
Dali::anonymous_namespace{key-event.cpp} Namespace Reference


const unsigned int MODIFIER_SHIFT = 0x1
const unsigned int MODIFIER_CTRL = 0x2
const unsigned int MODIFIER_ALT = 0x4
const int KEY_INVALID_CODE = -1

Variable Documentation

const int Dali::anonymous_namespace{key-event.cpp}::KEY_INVALID_CODE = -1

Definition at line 29 of file key-event.cpp.

const unsigned int Dali::anonymous_namespace{key-event.cpp}::MODIFIER_ALT = 0x4

Definition at line 28 of file key-event.cpp.

Referenced by Dali::WheelEvent::IsAltModifier(), and Dali::KeyEvent::IsAltModifier().

const unsigned int Dali::anonymous_namespace{key-event.cpp}::MODIFIER_CTRL = 0x2
const unsigned int Dali::anonymous_namespace{key-event.cpp}::MODIFIER_SHIFT = 0x1
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