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scroll-view.h File Reference
#include <dali/public-api/animation/alpha-function.h>
#include <dali-toolkit/public-api/controls/scrollable/scrollable.h>
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struct  Dali::Toolkit::ClampState2D
 A 2 dimensional clamp .0. More...
class  Dali::Toolkit::RulerDomain
 Used for specifying minimum/maximum extents of a ruler. More...
class  Dali::Toolkit::Ruler
 Abstract class to define scroll axes. More...
class  Dali::Toolkit::DefaultRuler
 Concrete implementation of Ruler that has no snapping and has one single page. More...
class  Dali::Toolkit::FixedRuler
 Concrete implementation of Ruler that has fixed snapping. More...
class  Dali::Toolkit::ScrollView
 ScrollView contains actors that can be scrolled manually (via touch) or automatically. More...
struct  Dali::Toolkit::ScrollView::ClampEvent
 Clamp signal event's data .0. More...
struct  Dali::Toolkit::ScrollView::SnapEvent
 Snap signal event's data. More...
struct  Dali::Toolkit::ScrollView::Property
 An enumeration of properties belonging to the ScrollView class. More...


namespace  Dali
 The top level DALi namespace.
namespace  Dali::Toolkit
 DALi Toolkit namespace.
namespace  Dali::Toolkit::DALI_INTERNAL


typedef IntrusivePtr< Ruler > Dali::Toolkit::RulerPtr
 Pointer to Dali::Toolkit::Ruler object .0. More...


enum  Dali::Toolkit::ClampState { Dali::Toolkit::NotClamped, Dali::Toolkit::ClampedToMin, Dali::Toolkit::ClampedToMax }
 How axes/rotation or scale are clamped .0. More...
enum  Dali::Toolkit::SnapType { Dali::Toolkit::Snap, Dali::Toolkit::Flick }
 The snap type .0. More...
enum  Dali::Toolkit::DirectionBias { Dali::Toolkit::DirectionBiasLeft = -1, Dali::Toolkit::DirectionBiasNone = 0, Dali::Toolkit::DirectionBiasRight = 1 }
 DirectionBias types. More...
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