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network-performance-protocol.h File Reference
#include <string>
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namespace  Dali
 The top level DALi namespace.
namespace  Dali::PerformanceProtocol


typedef char Dali::PerformanceProtocol::CommandString [MAX_COMMAND_STRING_LENGTH]


enum  Dali::PerformanceProtocol::CommandId {
  Dali::PerformanceProtocol::HELP_MESSAGE = 0, Dali::PerformanceProtocol::ENABLE_METRIC = 1, Dali::PerformanceProtocol::DISABLE_METRIC = 2, Dali::PerformanceProtocol::LIST_METRICS_AVAILABLE = 3,
  Dali::PerformanceProtocol::ENABLE_TIME_MARKER_BIT_MASK = 4, Dali::PerformanceProtocol::SET_PROPERTIES = 5, Dali::PerformanceProtocol::DUMP_SCENE_GRAPH = 6, Dali::PerformanceProtocol::UNKNOWN_COMMAND = 4096
 List of commands id's. More...


bool Dali::PerformanceProtocol::GetCommandString (CommandId commandId, CommandString &commandString)
 given a command id, get the command string More...
bool Dali::PerformanceProtocol::GetCommandId (const char *const commandString, unsigned int lengthInBytes, CommandId &commandId, unsigned int &intParam, std::string &stringParam)
 given a command string, get the command id and an integer parameter if it exists More...
const char *const Dali::PerformanceProtocol::GetHelpMessage ()


const unsigned int Dali::PerformanceProtocol::MAX_COMMAND_STRING_LENGTH = 256
 maximum length of a command including null terminator More...
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