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UtcDaliConstraintNewFunction Namespace Reference


void ConstraintFunction (Vector3 &, const PropertyInputContainer &)


bool gConstraintFunctionCalled = false

Function Documentation

void UtcDaliConstraintNewFunction::ConstraintFunction ( Vector3 ,
const PropertyInputContainer  

Definition at line 110 of file utc-Dali-Constraint.cpp.

References gConstraintFunctionCalled.

Referenced by UtcDaliConstraintNewFunctionN(), and UtcDaliConstraintNewFunctionP().

Here is the caller graph for this function:

Variable Documentation

bool UtcDaliConstraintNewFunction::gConstraintFunctionCalled = false

Definition at line 109 of file utc-Dali-Constraint.cpp.

Referenced by ConstraintFunction(), and UtcDaliConstraintNewFunctionP().

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