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image-data.h File Reference
#include <dali/integration-api/debug.h>
#include <dali/public-api/object/ref-object.h>
#include <dali/public-api/common/intrusive-ptr.h>
#include <dali/public-api/images/pixel.h>
#include <stdint.h>
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class  Dali::Integration::BufferSize
 Used to avoid accidentally mixing the order of parameters where some are uint dimensions and one is a buffer size. More...
class  Dali::Integration::ImageData
 A simple container for image data. More...


namespace  Dali
 The top level DALi namespace.
namespace  Dali::Integration


typedef IntrusivePtr< ImageData > Dali::Integration::ImageDataPtr


ImageDataPtr Dali::Integration::NewBitmapImageData (unsigned imageWidth, unsigned imageHeight, Pixel::Format pixelFormat)
 A convenience function for creating the common case of an uncompressed image having width * height pixels in the buffer. More...
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