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anonymous_namespace{utc-Dali-SingletonService.cpp}::TestObject Class Reference
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- Public Member Functions inherited from Dali::BaseObject
template<class T >
bool ConnectSignal (ConnectionTrackerInterface *connectionTracker, const std::string &signalName, const T &functor)
 Connects a void() functor to a specified signal. More...
bool DoAction (const std::string &actionName, const Property::Map &attributes)
 Perform action on this object with the given action name and attributes. More...
const std::string & GetTypeName () const
 Returns the type name for the Handle. More...
bool GetTypeInfo (Dali::TypeInfo &info) const
 Returns the type info for the Handle. More...
bool DoConnectSignal (ConnectionTrackerInterface *connectionTracker, const std::string &signalName, FunctorDelegate *functorDelegate)
 Not intended for application developers. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Dali::BaseObject
 BaseObject ()
 Default constructor. More...
virtual ~BaseObject ()
 A reference counted object may only be deleted by calling Unreference(). More...
void RegisterObject ()
 Registers the object as created with the Object registry. More...
void UnregisterObject ()
 Unregisters the object from Object registry. More...

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