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Dali::Toolkit::Text::Internal Namespace Reference


struct  ValidateFontsPerScript
 Stores valid font ids per script. More...
class  MultilanguageSupport
 Multi-language support implementation. More...
class  Backend
 Implementation of the text rendering backend. More...


void MergeFontDescriptions (const Vector< FontDescriptionRun > &fontDescriptions, Vector< FontId > &fontIds, const TextAbstraction::FontDescription &defaultFontDescription, TextAbstraction::PointSize26Dot6 defaultPointSize)
 Merges the font descriptions to retrieve the font Id for each character. More...
Script GetScript (Length index, Vector< ScriptRun >::ConstIterator &scriptRunIt, const Vector< ScriptRun >::ConstIterator &scriptRunEndIt)
 Retrieves the script Id from the script run for a given character's index. More...

Function Documentation

Script Dali::Toolkit::Text::Internal::GetScript ( Length  index,
Vector< ScriptRun >::ConstIterator &  scriptRunIt,
const Vector< ScriptRun >::ConstIterator &  scriptRunEndIt 

Retrieves the script Id from the script run for a given character's index.

If the character's index exceeds the current script run it increases the iterator to get the next one.

[in]indexThe character's index.
[in,out]scriptRunItIterator to the current font run.
[in]scriptRunEndItIterator to one after the last script run.
The script.

Definition at line 133 of file multi-language-support-impl.cpp.

References Dali::Toolkit::Text::CharacterRun::characterIndex, Dali::Toolkit::Text::ScriptRun::characterRun, Dali::Toolkit::Text::CharacterRun::numberOfCharacters, and Dali::Toolkit::Text::ScriptRun::script.

Referenced by Dali::Toolkit::Text::Internal::MultilanguageSupport::ValidateFonts().

Here is the caller graph for this function:

void Dali::Toolkit::Text::Internal::MergeFontDescriptions ( const Vector< FontDescriptionRun > &  fontDescriptions,
Vector< FontId > &  fontIds,
const TextAbstraction::FontDescription &  defaultFontDescription,
TextAbstraction::PointSize26Dot6  defaultPointSize 
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