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Dali::Toolkit::Internal::anonymous_namespace{color-renderer.cpp} Namespace Reference


const char *const RENDERER_TYPE ("rendererType")
const char *const RENDERER_TYPE_VALUE ("color")
const char *const COLOR_NAME ("blendColor")


const char * VERTEX_SHADER
const char * FRAGMENT_SHADER

Function Documentation

const char* const Dali::Toolkit::Internal::anonymous_namespace{color-renderer.cpp}::COLOR_NAME ( "blendColor"  )
const char* const Dali::Toolkit::Internal::anonymous_namespace{color-renderer.cpp}::RENDERER_TYPE ( "rendererType"  )
const char* const Dali::Toolkit::Internal::anonymous_namespace{color-renderer.cpp}::RENDERER_TYPE_VALUE ( "color"  )

Variable Documentation

const char* Dali::Toolkit::Internal::anonymous_namespace{color-renderer.cpp}::FRAGMENT_SHADER
Initial value:
uniform lowp vec4 uColor;\n
uniform lowp vec4 blendColor;\n
void main()\n
gl_FragColor = blendColor*uColor;\n

Definition at line 57 of file color-renderer.cpp.

const char* Dali::Toolkit::Internal::anonymous_namespace{color-renderer.cpp}::VERTEX_SHADER
Initial value:
attribute mediump vec2 aPosition;\n
uniform mediump mat4 uMvpMatrix;\n
uniform mediump vec3 uSize;\n
void main()\n
mediump vec4 vertexPosition = vec4(aPosition, 0.0, 1.0);\n
vertexPosition.xyz *= uSize;\n
gl_Position = uMvpMatrix * vertexPosition;\n

Definition at line 44 of file color-renderer.cpp.

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