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Dali::Internal::anonymous_namespace{long-press-gesture-processor.cpp} Namespace Reference


struct  IsNotAttachedFunctor
 Functor which checks whether the specified actor is attached to the gesture detector. More...


void EmitLongPressSignal (Actor *actor, const GestureDetectorContainer &gestureDetectors, const Integration::LongPressGestureEvent &longPressEvent, Vector2 localPoint)
 Creates a LongPressGesture and asks the specified detector to emit its detected signal. More...

Function Documentation

void Dali::Internal::anonymous_namespace{long-press-gesture-processor.cpp}::EmitLongPressSignal ( Actor *  actor,
const GestureDetectorContainer &  gestureDetectors,
const Integration::LongPressGestureEvent &  longPressEvent,
Vector2  localPoint 

Creates a LongPressGesture and asks the specified detector to emit its detected signal.

[in]actorThe actor on which the long press gesture has occurred.
[in]gestureDetectorsA reference to gesture detectors that should emit the signal.
[in]longPressEventThe longPressEvent received from the adaptor.
[in]localPointRelative to the actor attached to the detector.

Definition at line 51 of file long-press-gesture-processor.cpp.

References Dali::Internal::LongPressGestureDetector::EmitLongPressGestureSignal(), Dali::LongPressGesture::localPoint, Dali::LongPressGesture::numberOfTouches, Dali::LongPressGesture::screenPoint, and Dali::Gesture::time.

Referenced by Dali::Internal::LongPressGestureProcessor::EmitGestureSignal(), and Dali::Internal::LongPressGestureProcessor::Process().

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