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Dali::Internal::anonymous_namespace{notification-manager.cpp} Namespace Reference


typedef Dali::Vector
< CompleteNotificationInterface * > 


void MoveElements (InterfaceContainer &from, InterfaceContainer &to)
 helper to move elements from one container to another More...

Typedef Documentation

typedef Dali::Vector< CompleteNotificationInterface* > Dali::Internal::anonymous_namespace{notification-manager.cpp}::InterfaceContainer

Definition at line 37 of file notification-manager.cpp.

Function Documentation

void Dali::Internal::anonymous_namespace{notification-manager.cpp}::MoveElements ( InterfaceContainer &  from,
InterfaceContainer &  to 

helper to move elements from one container to another

fromwhere to move
tomove target

Definition at line 44 of file notification-manager.cpp.

References Dali::Vector< T, IsTrivialType >::Clear(), Dali::VectorBase::Count(), Dali::Vector< T, IsTrivialType >::PushBack(), Dali::Vector< T, IsTrivialType >::Reserve(), and Dali::Vector< T, IsTrivialType >::Swap().

Referenced by Dali::Internal::NotificationManager::ProcessMessages(), and Dali::Internal::NotificationManager::UpdateCompleted().

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