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std::string Array2DToString (const float *data, unsigned int rows, unsigned int cols, size_t precision, size_t indent)
 Generic function to print out any 2-Dimensional array. More...

Function Documentation

std::string Dali::anonymous_namespace{debug.cpp}::Array2DToString ( const float *  data,
unsigned int  rows,
unsigned int  cols,
size_t  precision,
size_t  indent 

Generic function to print out any 2-Dimensional array.

[in]datapointer to the source data stored as float[rows][cols]
[in]rowsnumber of rows in 2D array
[in]colsnumber of columns in 2D array
[in]precision- the precision to write the float data.
[in]indent- the indent level to use.
string - the text representation of the 2D array

Definition at line 53 of file debug.cpp.

Referenced by Dali::Integration::Log::Matrix3ToString(), and Dali::Integration::Log::MatrixToString().

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