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image-sampler.h File Reference
#include <dali/public-api/actors/sampling.h>
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namespace  Dali
 The top level DALi namespace.
namespace  Dali::Internal
namespace  Dali::Internal::ImageSampler
 ImageSampler represents a set of sampling settings that can be applied to a texture.


enum  { Dali::Internal::ImageSampler::MINIFY_BIT_SHIFT = 0, Dali::Internal::ImageSampler::MAGNIFY_BIT_SHIFT = 4, Dali::Internal::ImageSampler::UWRAP_BIT_SHIFT = 8, Dali::Internal::ImageSampler::VWRAP_BIT_SHIFT = 12 }
 Bitshift values. More...
enum  { Dali::Internal::ImageSampler::MASK_MINIFY_FILTER = 0x000F, Dali::Internal::ImageSampler::MASK_MAGNIFY_FILTER = 0x00F0, Dali::Internal::ImageSampler::MASK_UWRAP_MODE = 0x0F00, Dali::Internal::ImageSampler::MASK_VWRAP_MODE = 0xF000 }
 Mask values. More...
enum  { Dali::Internal::ImageSampler::DEFAULT_BITFIELD = (Dali::FilterMode::DEFAULT<<MINIFY_BIT_SHIFT) | (Dali::FilterMode::DEFAULT<<MAGNIFY_BIT_SHIFT) | (Dali::WrapMode::DEFAULT<<UWRAP_BIT_SHIFT) | (Dali::WrapMode::DEFAULT<<VWRAP_BIT_SHIFT) }
 Precalculate default sampler bitfield. More...


unsigned int Dali::Internal::ImageSampler::PackBitfield (FilterMode::Type minify, FilterMode::Type magnify, WrapMode::Type uWrap=WrapMode::DEFAULT, WrapMode::Type vWrap=WrapMode::DEFAULT)
 Pack the filter mode into a bitfield. More...
FilterMode::Type Dali::Internal::ImageSampler::GetMinifyFilterMode (unsigned int bitfield)
 Return the minification filter from a packed bitfield. More...
FilterMode::Type Dali::Internal::ImageSampler::GetMagnifyFilterMode (unsigned int bitfield)
 Return the magnification filter from a packed bitfield. More...
WrapMode::Type Dali::Internal::ImageSampler::GetUWrapMode (unsigned int bitfield)
 Return the wrap mode in x direction from a packed bitfield. More...
WrapMode::Type Dali::Internal::ImageSampler::GetVWrapMode (unsigned int bitfield)
 Return the wrap mode in y direction from a packed bitfield. More...
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