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anonymous_namespace{utc-Dali-PageTurnView.cpp}::TestPageFactory Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 TestPageFactory (ToolkitTestApplication &application)
virtual unsigned int GetNumberOfPages ()
 Query the number of pages available from the factory. More...
virtual Actor NewPage (unsigned int pageId)
 Create an image actor to represent a page. More...
void DeletePage (unsigned int pageId)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Dali::Toolkit::PageFactory
virtual ~PageFactory ()
 Virtual destructor .4. More...

Private Attributes

std::vector< ActormSourceActors
unsigned int mTotalPageNumber

Detailed Description

Definition at line 189 of file utc-Dali-PageTurnView.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

anonymous_namespace{utc-Dali-PageTurnView.cpp}::TestPageFactory::TestPageFactory ( ToolkitTestApplication application)

Member Function Documentation

void anonymous_namespace{utc-Dali-PageTurnView.cpp}::TestPageFactory::DeletePage ( unsigned int  pageId)

Definition at line 235 of file utc-Dali-PageTurnView.cpp.

virtual unsigned int anonymous_namespace{utc-Dali-PageTurnView.cpp}::TestPageFactory::GetNumberOfPages ( )

Query the number of pages available from the factory.

The maximum available page has an ID of GetNumberOfPages()-1.

Implements Dali::Toolkit::PageFactory.

Definition at line 204 of file utc-Dali-PageTurnView.cpp.

virtual Actor anonymous_namespace{utc-Dali-PageTurnView.cpp}::TestPageFactory::NewPage ( unsigned int  pageId)

Create an image actor to represent a page.

[in]pageIdThe ID of the page to create.
An image actor, or an uninitialized pointer if the ID is out of range.

Implements Dali::Toolkit::PageFactory.

Definition at line 214 of file utc-Dali-PageTurnView.cpp.

References Dali::Actor::Add(), Dali::Color::BLUE, Dali::ParentOrigin::CENTER, Dali::AnchorPoint::CENTER, CreateSolidColorImageActor(), Dali::Actor::SetAnchorPoint(), Dali::Actor::SetName(), and Dali::Actor::SetParentOrigin().

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Member Data Documentation

ToolkitTestApplication& anonymous_namespace{utc-Dali-PageTurnView.cpp}::TestPageFactory::mApplication

Definition at line 242 of file utc-Dali-PageTurnView.cpp.

std::vector<Actor> anonymous_namespace{utc-Dali-PageTurnView.cpp}::TestPageFactory::mSourceActors

Definition at line 243 of file utc-Dali-PageTurnView.cpp.

unsigned int anonymous_namespace{utc-Dali-PageTurnView.cpp}::TestPageFactory::mTotalPageNumber

Definition at line 244 of file utc-Dali-PageTurnView.cpp.

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