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anonymous_namespace{utc-Dali-ConstraintFunction.cpp}::CountFunctor Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 CountFunctor (int &count)
 CountFunctor (const CountFunctor &other)
CountFunctoroperator= (const CountFunctor &other)
 ~CountFunctor ()
void operator() (bool &, const PropertyInputContainer &)

Public Attributes

int & mCount

Detailed Description

Definition at line 291 of file utc-Dali-ConstraintFunction.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

anonymous_namespace{utc-Dali-ConstraintFunction.cpp}::CountFunctor::CountFunctor ( int &  count)

Definition at line 293 of file utc-Dali-ConstraintFunction.cpp.

anonymous_namespace{utc-Dali-ConstraintFunction.cpp}::CountFunctor::CountFunctor ( const CountFunctor other)

Definition at line 299 of file utc-Dali-ConstraintFunction.cpp.

anonymous_namespace{utc-Dali-ConstraintFunction.cpp}::CountFunctor::~CountFunctor ( )

Definition at line 310 of file utc-Dali-ConstraintFunction.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void anonymous_namespace{utc-Dali-ConstraintFunction.cpp}::CountFunctor::operator() ( bool &  ,
const PropertyInputContainer  

Definition at line 315 of file utc-Dali-ConstraintFunction.cpp.

CountFunctor& anonymous_namespace{utc-Dali-ConstraintFunction.cpp}::CountFunctor::operator= ( const CountFunctor other)

Definition at line 305 of file utc-Dali-ConstraintFunction.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

int& anonymous_namespace{utc-Dali-ConstraintFunction.cpp}::CountFunctor::mCount

Definition at line 319 of file utc-Dali-ConstraintFunction.cpp.

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