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anonymous_namespace{text-decorator.cpp} Namespace Reference


struct  QuadCoordinates
 structure to hold coordinates of each quad, which will make up the mesh. More...


typedef std::vector
< QuadCoordinates


void LocalToWorldCoordinatesBoundingBox (const Dali::Rect< int > &boundingRectangle, Dali::Vector4 &boundingBox)
 Takes a bounding rectangle in the local coordinates of an actor and returns the world coordinates Bounding Box. More...
void WorldToLocalCoordinatesBoundingBox (const Dali::Vector4 &boundingBox, Dali::Rect< int > &boundingRectangle)


const char * VERTEX_SHADER
const char * FRAGMENT_SHADER
const Dali::Vector3 DEFAULT_GRAB_HANDLE_RELATIVE_SIZE (1.25f, 1.5f, 1.0f)
const Dali::Vector3 DEFAULT_SELECTION_HANDLE_RELATIVE_SIZE (1.25f, 1.5f, 1.0f)
const Dali::Vector4 LIGHT_BLUE (0.75f, 0.96f, 1.f, 1.f)
const Dali::Vector4 HANDLE_COLOR (0.0f,(183.0f/255.0f),(229.0f/255.0f), 1.0f)
const unsigned int CURSOR_BLINK_INTERVAL = 500u
const float TO_MILLISECONDS = 1000.f
const float TO_SECONDS = 1.f / TO_MILLISECONDS
const unsigned int SCROLL_TICK_INTERVAL = 50u
const float SCROLL_THRESHOLD = 10.f
const float SCROLL_SPEED = 300.f
const float CURSOR_WIDTH = 1.f

Typedef Documentation

typedef std::vector<QuadCoordinates> anonymous_namespace{text-decorator.cpp}::QuadContainer

Definition at line 138 of file text-decorator.cpp.

Function Documentation

void anonymous_namespace{text-decorator.cpp}::LocalToWorldCoordinatesBoundingBox ( const Dali::Rect< int > &  boundingRectangle,
Dali::Vector4 boundingBox 

Takes a bounding rectangle in the local coordinates of an actor and returns the world coordinates Bounding Box.

[in]boundingRectanglelocal bounding
[out]Vector4World coordinate bounding Box.

Definition at line 145 of file text-decorator.cpp.

References Dali::Stage::GetCurrent(), Dali::Stage::GetSize(), Dali::Rect< T >::height, Dali::Vector2::height, Dali::Rect< T >::width, Dali::Vector2::width, Dali::Rect< T >::x, and Dali::Rect< T >::y.

Referenced by Dali::Toolkit::Text::Decorator::SetBoundingBox().

Here is the call graph for this function:

Here is the caller graph for this function:

void anonymous_namespace{text-decorator.cpp}::WorldToLocalCoordinatesBoundingBox ( const Dali::Vector4 boundingBox,
Dali::Rect< int > &  boundingRectangle 

Variable Documentation

const unsigned int anonymous_namespace{text-decorator.cpp}::CURSOR_BLINK_INTERVAL = 500u

Definition at line 97 of file text-decorator.cpp.

const float anonymous_namespace{text-decorator.cpp}::CURSOR_WIDTH = 1.f

Definition at line 107 of file text-decorator.cpp.

const Dali::Vector3 anonymous_namespace{text-decorator.cpp}::DEFAULT_GRAB_HANDLE_RELATIVE_SIZE(1.25f, 1.5f, 1.0f)
const Dali::Vector3 anonymous_namespace{text-decorator.cpp}::DEFAULT_SELECTION_HANDLE_RELATIVE_SIZE(1.25f, 1.5f, 1.0f)
const char* anonymous_namespace{text-decorator.cpp}::FRAGMENT_SHADER
Initial value:
uniform lowp vec4 uColor;
void main()
gl_FragColor = uColor;

Definition at line 63 of file text-decorator.cpp.

const Dali::Vector4 anonymous_namespace{text-decorator.cpp}::HANDLE_COLOR(0.0f,(183.0f/255.0f),(229.0f/255.0f), 1.0f)
const Dali::Vector4 anonymous_namespace{text-decorator.cpp}::LIGHT_BLUE(0.75f, 0.96f, 1.f, 1.f)
const float anonymous_namespace{text-decorator.cpp}::SCROLL_DISTANCE = SCROLL_SPEED * SCROLL_TICK_INTERVAL * TO_SECONDS

Definition at line 105 of file text-decorator.cpp.

const float anonymous_namespace{text-decorator.cpp}::SCROLL_SPEED = 300.f

Definition at line 104 of file text-decorator.cpp.

const float anonymous_namespace{text-decorator.cpp}::SCROLL_THRESHOLD = 10.f

Definition at line 103 of file text-decorator.cpp.

const unsigned int anonymous_namespace{text-decorator.cpp}::SCROLL_TICK_INTERVAL = 50u
const float anonymous_namespace{text-decorator.cpp}::TO_MILLISECONDS = 1000.f
const float anonymous_namespace{text-decorator.cpp}::TO_SECONDS = 1.f / TO_MILLISECONDS
const char* anonymous_namespace{text-decorator.cpp}::VERTEX_SHADER
Initial value:
attribute mediump vec2 aPosition;
uniform mediump mat4 uMvpMatrix;
uniform mediump vec3 uSize;
void main()
mediump vec4 position = vec4( aPosition, 0.0, 1.0 );
position.xyz *= uSize;
gl_Position = uMvpMatrix * position;

Definition at line 50 of file text-decorator.cpp.

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