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anonymous_namespace{utc-Dali-TiltSensor.cpp} Namespace Reference


struct  SignalHelper
 Helper to test whether timeout or tilt signal is received first. More...


TiltSensor GetTiltSensor ()


static const float ROTATION_EPSILON = 0.0001f
bool ecore_timer_running = false
Ecore_Task_Cb timer_callback_func =NULL
const void * timer_callback_data =NULL
intptr_t timerId = 8

Function Documentation

TiltSensor anonymous_namespace{utc-Dali-TiltSensor.cpp}::GetTiltSensor ( )

Variable Documentation

bool anonymous_namespace{utc-Dali-TiltSensor.cpp}::ecore_timer_running = false

Definition at line 75 of file utc-Dali-TiltSensor.cpp.

const float anonymous_namespace{utc-Dali-TiltSensor.cpp}::ROTATION_EPSILON = 0.0001f

Definition at line 31 of file utc-Dali-TiltSensor.cpp.

const void* anonymous_namespace{utc-Dali-TiltSensor.cpp}::timer_callback_data =NULL

Definition at line 77 of file utc-Dali-TiltSensor.cpp.

Ecore_Task_Cb anonymous_namespace{utc-Dali-TiltSensor.cpp}::timer_callback_func =NULL

Definition at line 76 of file utc-Dali-TiltSensor.cpp.

intptr_t anonymous_namespace{utc-Dali-TiltSensor.cpp}::timerId = 8

Definition at line 78 of file utc-Dali-TiltSensor.cpp.

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