Dali 3D User Interface Engine

Resource Tracking

Enable Logging

Setting DALI_ENABLE_LOG environment variable to RESOURCE_LOG will enable resource usage logging in DALi applications. On target resource logging utilizes dlog, but this can also be used on desktop by redirecting stderr to a file. The generated information includes any image files that are loaded with their dimensions, GPU memory consumption, CPU RAM used and details of texture atlases created.

Viewing Resource Logs

dalireslog.sh is installed as part of the DALi Adaptor package and can be found in the adaptors/tizen/scripts folder. The script shows a summary of memory used by resources. USAGE: ./dalireslog.sh [FILE] if FILE isn't specified, the script will try to use dlogutil.


sh-4.1$ ./dalireslog.sh
**On a separate terminal:**
sh-4.1$ DALI_ENABLE_LOG=RESOURCE_LOG /opt/apps/com.samsung.dali-demo/bin/album.example

Example on desktop:

jon-doe\@ws-1234$ DALI_ENABLE_LOG=RESOURCE_LOG blind-effect.example 2>/home/SERILOCAL/john.doe/log.txt
**On a separate terminal:**
dalireslog.sh ~/log.txt

Displayed information:

3D amount of GPU memory used by application
MEM Atlas amount of GPU memory used by texture atlases (usually this refers to font atlases)
Number of atlases how many texture atlases are present in memory.

A list of files is displayed in the main view, with different color codes representing different states:

CPU resource is in memory, but hasn't been uploaded to a GL texture.
GPU resource has been uploaded to a GL texture, bitmap buffer discarded.
CPUGPU resource has been uploaded to a GL texture, but still present in CPU memory as well.
DISCARDED resource has been discarded, memory freed up
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