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Dali::Toolkit::Text::anonymous_namespace{bidirectional-support.cpp} Namespace Reference


void GetLines (const BidirectionalParagraphInfoRun &paragraphInfo, const Vector< LineRun > &lines, unsigned int lineIndex, unsigned int &firstLine, unsigned int &numberOfLines)
 Get the lines of a paragraph. More...

Function Documentation

void Dali::Toolkit::Text::anonymous_namespace{bidirectional-support.cpp}::GetLines ( const BidirectionalParagraphInfoRun &  paragraphInfo,
const Vector< LineRun > &  lines,
unsigned int  lineIndex,
unsigned int &  firstLine,
unsigned int &  numberOfLines 

Get the lines of a paragraph.

[in]paragraphInfoThe paragraph.
[in]linesThe lines.
[in]lineIndexIndex pointing the first line to be checked.
[out]firstLineIndex to the first line of the paragraph.
[out]numberOfLinesThe number of lines.

Definition at line 46 of file bidirectional-support.cpp.

References Dali::Vector< T, IsTrivialType >::Begin(), Dali::Toolkit::Text::CharacterRun::characterIndex, Dali::Toolkit::Text::LineRun::characterRun, Dali::Toolkit::Text::BidirectionalParagraphInfoRun::characterRun, Dali::Vector< T, IsTrivialType >::End(), and Dali::Toolkit::Text::CharacterRun::numberOfCharacters.

Referenced by Dali::Toolkit::Text::ReorderLines().

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