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Writing documentation for the DALi programing guide

To allow documentation to be shared between C++ and JavaScript, please follow these guidelines:


Images are shared between both Doxygen and YUIDOC tools using a symbolic link. You need to link to the image twice in shared documentation. This is because YUIDOC stores images in a folder called assets/img/ which is relative to the HTML pages. Where as Doxygen copies all images in to the same folder as the HTML generated pages.

![ ](../assets/img/screen-shot.png) // required for YUIDOC
![ ](screen-shot.png) // required for Doxygen
The space between the brackets is the alternative text. This means you will never see a broken image symbol.


Please have a look at the numerous markdown files to see the header and footer requirements.

You can add tags to your headings as follows:

# MyChapter {#my-chapter}

Which will allow you to link to this section as follows:

[Go To MyChapter](@ref my-chapter)

Code blocks can be enclosed within 2 blocks of 3 tildas(~).

You can even specify your language type, for example:


Why use GitHub flavoured markdown?

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