Dali 3D User Interface Engine

Styling Controls

DALi Controls can be styled to look and behaviour differently.

There are 2 ways to style a control, 1 is recommended.

1) json markup in one of the style files.


or 2) via code using SetProperty

By setting the properties in the json file and not in code it prevents the need to edit code and recompile if changes required.

In the example above, if the png file needs to be changed, method 1 only requires the json file to be changed and no actual code change.

Choosing Style files at build time

When building for a target, a style selector should be specified.

The selectors are resolution biased e.g; 720 and 480.

Below can be added to configure to select a style

./configure --with-style=480
./configure --with-style=720

or for gbs the below define added to the build command

--define "dali_style 480x800"

Style specific resources

Each style selector can have resource folders associated with it.

Images for that style should be in their own folder named images.

Common images not specific for a particular style will be in the images-common folder located in the style folder.

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